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In ISO 10006, maturity and excellence in project-based management style (PMS) are the major criteria for classifying the management quality of business organizations. PMS is the best known for creating an enabling environment for (1) a successful application of a wide range of technical (mathematical, graphical and IT) planning tools; (2) completion of business activities within cost, time and quality constraints; and (3) exploitation of the benefits (trust, cooperation, communication, creativity, etc) of team dynamics. This last one is an ingredient so essential for successful integration of such popular management processes as TQM, concurrent engineering, risk management, change management, etc, required to maximally satisfy the customer as well as engender continuous improvements. The main goal of this three-track training workshop is to show how business organizations can attain maturity and excellence in adopting project management style.



Performance-Based Project Management

This 5-day workshop, the first of a 3-track series, covers the performance competency aspects of the project management relating to leadership, quality and change management, and project economy. It also focuses on the challenges that project managers face dealing with people, including motivation, communication, power, influence and ethical decision-making.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn team building processes and team leadership skills
  • Learn to identify and diagnose conflict situations in a proactive, timely manner
  • Learn techniques for quality management and project close-out
  • Gain knowledge of ethical decision-making processes in the context of project contract management
  • Learn and understand the essentials of change management in a project environment.

What You Will Cover

DAY 1: Project Management Basics -Project Organization Structure and Integration 

DAY 2: Leadership and the Project Manager -Project Roles, Responsibility, and Authority

DAY 3: Project Team Building - Managing Participation, Teamwork, and Conflict

DAY 4: Project Quality Management Et Project Change Management

DAY 5: Project Procurement Management Et Project Closeout and Termination



Who Should Attend

Project managers, program managers, and project team leaders who understand the principles of project management or who have successfully completed a training program on project management fundamentals.



Knowledge-Based Project Management

This 5-day workshop, the second of a 3-track series, provides in-depth treatment of the knowledge competency aspects of project management as outlined by the Project Management Institute (PM!) in its Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)O. With the use of project management examples and case studies, participants will be required to practice together using the concepts and techniques learned. Working in teams, participants will also learn to develop a comprehensive project management plan with component plans for selection, schedule, and cost management.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn and understand the economic feasibility of a project
  • Apply WBS and network development
  • Identify and manage risks, so as to avoid the onset of problems
  • Develop an activity network using AOA and AON techniques
  • Learn, understand and construct the critical path for a project schedule
  • Track projects more effectively
  • Learn and apply some parametric cost estimation techniques.
  • Understand the trade-offs required in the decision to crash project activities.

What You Will Cover

DAY 1: Project Selection Et Portfolio Management

DAY 2: Project Scope Management (planning)

DAY 3: Project Cost Et Risk Management

DAY 4: Project Time Management (scheduling)

DAY 5: Project Execution, Control Et Evaluation (control)

Who Should Attend

R&D professionals, engineers (across all specialties), scientists and principal investigators, project engineers, facility engineers, plant managers and anyone else who administers technical projects.


Managing Projects Using Microsoft Project

This 2-day workshop, the third of a 3-track series, focuses on the personal competency aspects of project management by providing hands-on training on using the popular Microsoft Project software to manage projects. Participants will leave the workshop equipped to use the powerful Microsoft Project tool.

How You Will Benefit

  • Use Software as a Management Tool, Not Simply for Documentation Purposes
  • Develop an Integrated Project Plan Including Realistic Scope, Schedules, Budgets, and Risks
  • Apply Techniques for Tracking and Reporting Project Progress, Such as Budget and Resource Allocations for Financial Reporting
  • Differentiate between a Dynamic and a Static Schedule

What You Will Cover

DAY 1: Project Definition and Documentation via Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

DAY 2: Basic Functions and Views;

  • Navigation views
  • Gantt Chart view
  • Network Diagram view
  • Calendar view

Who Should Attend

Project Managers who understand the principles of project management or professionals who have successfully completed a training program on project management basics who now want to learn to manage projects with a software tool. You should be proficient in the use of other Windows-based software before coming to this course.

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